Hello there.
I'm the Doctor. Just the Doctor. But iv'e been called many names like The oncoming storm, The warrior and get off this planet...Well i guess that's not really a name is it? I'm a time lord. The last of my kind. I travel through time and space. To places you couldn't imagine. Usually with a companion or two. So what are you waiting for tumblr you've got questions? I've got answers,
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I’m back

Well hello, i’m sorry i was gone for the past 2 days. The TARDIS was being a tad annoying , oh but i forgive her,It was no biggie. Oh, hold on. It seems that  i was actually gone for 2 months rather then 2 days. Oh my. My apologies, Don’t worry though, tumblr. i won’t leave like that again. 

I miss this blog.. =c

// Well i’m back 8D //

/ I am back from hiatus but lost like all of my threats so PLEASE if i owe you, tell me 

I'll be honest, while reading that I was grinning and squeaking and I had to put a hand over my mouth. Thank you, Doc. I'll try your suggestion, I hope it works out well

No need to be squeaking over an old man like myself~. And i hope it will work as well 

Doctor, my mom is angry because I want to cut my hair short. She says she doesn't know why I want to look like a boy, and it's not really the point of it at all. She keeps telling me how stupid it would be and that my classmates will bully me and that no sane person would ever cut my hair like that for me. Honestly, She's probably harassing me more than any kid in school would. I guess I just sent you this because I need someone to talk to, and you give good advice. Sorry to bother you if I am

You are not bothering me at all, I’m the Doctor, here to help. I understand that you feel bad about how she reacts to this, She is not doing it correctly right now but she is trying to protect you, trying to protect you from getting bullied, she knows there are teens that will bully for stupid reasons, there are a lot of parents that will try to do anything to make sure their children don’t get bullied. But try to explain to your mother that you feel more like yourself with short hair, you will be happier that way. Of course your mother is over reacting about this. But you have to try to convince her more, convince her that the kids will not bully because of something as silly as that. Convince her you will be happy with shorter hair, I hope that will help. 

// I was supposed to be getting meds for my ADD this friday but because of my Anxiety it has to wait unu il be getting meds for that first //